Oak Cliff Visual Speedbump

The life of an artist is a wild pursuit. I, Angela Faz opened our home and invited a bunch of people I didn't know to come in and see some art!  If you have a partner their support is crucial in this endeavor.  Luckily, my partner takes particular pride in creating a nest so delightful that it was easy to say yes to the experience.  But, I wasn't the first to do it.  Chuck and George have been turning up the funk in Dallas for over a decade. Their home is a fun house of creative energy.  H/T to Erica Felicella for including me in her bump back in 2009 and for always fanning the creative fire in her friends.  

I showcased a series of prints in our converted breezeway. (thanks to CB city) Beasties is a series of prints based on gender identity.  I also invited a few artist to join the fun.  That Guy Joey a fabulous jewelry artist. Karla Garcia, a mythical beast conjurer.  Danielle Ellis, a upcycle enthusiast and painter.   


photos by: Scott Wayne McDaniel and Flamicorn glamor shots by Sam.