Project: Crossroads

Project: Crossroads installation at 1730 S. Akard St.   August - December 2016 Reception August 27, 2016 6 - 10 pm Hosted by Shotgun Collective 1717 Gould St. Dallas, Texas 

Project: Crossroads
installation at 1730 S. Akard St.  
August - December 2016

August 27, 2016 6 - 10 pm
Hosted by Shotgun Collective
1717 Gould St. Dallas, Texas 

I was commissioned by Kat Cole to create an interesting background to showcase her sculpture. The area space for the wall is about 20 x 16 feet. Her art is 11 x4 feet.  My concept was to make a covering to help set the stage for her upcoming site specific installation.  A few pics below show the graffiti and my proposal. 

The wall on Beaumont and Akard has layers of paint and a history.   Daniel Yanez had a lovely mural on this building until a ruffian tagged it.   I didn't want to erase the mural entirely but wanted to work in the new covering.  

Wheat paste paper maps and incorporate paper to work with original mural below. 

The Proposal: 

Install of Project: Crossroads happens on August 27th.  

Texas Organizing Project : Poster Design

Project: Create a poster with the theme "From Broken Hearts to Mended Hearts".

I was commissioned by Trans.lation: Vickery Meadow to create a poster for their "make-in" art event at UT Dallas. The poster below was live screen printed for use in the direct action.

Dallas Morning News: Texas activists rally for social justice, healing at Dallas City Hall
by Caleb Downs
Mothers Against Police Brutality and the Texas Organizing Project held a rally Monday morning at Dallas City Hall to advocate for immigration and law enforcement reform.


CW 33: Activists Rally Against Police, Immigration “Injustices” at Dallas City Hall
by Chris Skupien
Folks from the Texas Organizing Project and Mothers Against Police Brutality took to Dallas City Hall Monday, rallying for police accountability and immigration reform.

13th Annual Hecho en Dallas

I have a little drawing in this. Come out and check out the other work. There's some pretty awesome stuff to be seen.

Latino Cultural Center
May 13 – July 2, 2016

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 13, 2016, 6 to 8 pm

Latino Cultural Center
2600 Live Oak St
Dallas TX 75204

Saddle up to New England: MGNE Juried Exhibition

Angela Faz, Two-Spirit, 11" x 17" monoprint, 2015

This Two-Spirit monoprint and collagraph was accepted into the 4th National MGNE Juried Exhibition and will be traveling to Attleboro, Massachusetts.  

APRIL 6-MAY 7, 2016
4th National Monotype / Monoprint Juried Exhibition

Attleboro Arts Museum | 86 Park Street | Attleboro, MA

Juried by Andrew Stevens, Curator of Prints Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin, Madison
website info:

My piece is in good company.  

My piece is in good company.  

A very special thank you to Elizabeth and Cherí for allowing this piece to travel.  



For the Love of Kettle

Saturday, February 6th at 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. 

2650 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226

Come see fabulous art. One-night-only. For the Love of Kettle. Over one hundred and fifty, 9 x 12 works will be available for just $50.00 each, created by artists that exhibit & support Kettle. There are no previews or pre-sales available, so please get to Kettle early and grab a place in line, as the doors open at 7:00 p.m. sharp.

Feast your ojos on this hot pink metallic glittery beast that I created especially for this event.  

Mixed media: Lino cut and metallic spray paint. 

Mixed media: Lino cut and metallic spray paint. 




Savage Impressions

Art for the people!  Alley or gallery I am SO there.  Matt Bagley of Iron Frog Press invited me to showcase my wares at Mighty Fine Arts.  

Featured printmakers: Matt Bagley-Iron Frog Press, Terri Thoman, Andy Don Emmons, Carlos Hernandez-Burning Bones Press, Adam Palmer, The Amazing Hancock Brothers and many more. 

Happy art collectors. 

Aves and the World - Artist Tour

Aves and the World is a documentary and unique exhibition about climate change with a focus on our feathered friends.  As an artist, the task was to venture into the great Trinity forest and create art from our experience.  There were close to about 200 artists from neighboring Dallas urban jungle.  I arrived late and happened to a stream of beautiful weirdos heading into the forest.  Dallas is not known for her flora and fauna, so it was a beautiful site to behold.  

Despite the hot A.F. temperatures, it was good to get outside.  While traipsing the forest, I ran into Booker T. alumni  Patricia Rodriguez and Joey Chabolla.  

2016 Spring exhibition date to follow.  Below are a few pictures of the afternoon. 

The Peace Puzzle

The Peace Puzzle was a great exercise as I examined my life to question what peace meant to me.  I discovered my version of peace was an action. Peace to me is working in the garden, sowing a seed with patience and a pledge to give it the best possible start.  The image I created for the Peace Puzzle is a representation of sowing a seed with an intention that can connect to many meanings. Using ancestral geometric imagery, I illustrated the strength one mighty seed possesses.  The seed with nourishment can reproduce for many generations and this what I strove to convey in this block.  Lastly, as an unknown author once said, “Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes!” So there is that.  

The Peace Puzzle website:

Cykochik + Art Conspiracy Bag off!

Submitted a design for Cykochik and Art Con collaboration.  Cykochik is an internationally awarded compassionate brand recognized for their creative, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and custom-made vegan handbags. In 2013, PETA awarded Cykochik the Compassionate Business Award.  

3 Bags will be chosen and produced.  Exciting venture


Oak Cliff Visual Speedbump

The life of an artist is a wild pursuit. I, Angela Faz opened our home and invited a bunch of people I didn't know to come in and see some art!  If you have a partner their support is crucial in this endeavor.  Luckily, my partner takes particular pride in creating a nest so delightful that it was easy to say yes to the experience.  But, I wasn't the first to do it.  Chuck and George have been turning up the funk in Dallas for over a decade. Their home is a fun house of creative energy.  H/T to Erica Felicella for including me in her bump back in 2009 and for always fanning the creative fire in her friends.  

I showcased a series of prints in our converted breezeway. (thanks to CB city) Beasties is a series of prints based on gender identity.  I also invited a few artist to join the fun.  That Guy Joey a fabulous jewelry artist. Karla Garcia, a mythical beast conjurer.  Danielle Ellis, a upcycle enthusiast and painter.   


photos by: Scott Wayne McDaniel and Flamicorn glamor shots by Sam.